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Nov 28, 2019 | Aaron Walsh | 683 views
Minor Peewee White - Gene Harrington Shootout Classic Champions!
A retrospective from Coach Pat...
Jr. Cougars 2008 White, started early Friday against the same team they would see in the championship game.  However, the Stouffville Clippers would not see the “same” Cougars Sunday afternoon that they beat Friday morning.

GAME #1: Stouffville Clippers - “The Battle, not the War!”

The first game was back and forth. We played, but did not dominate that game. Our goalie was HOT, so was theirs...  Good game in both nets. Cougars lose 2-3.

GAME #2: Centre Wellington Fusion (2007/2008) - “The Rumble”

This one was cool; more like COLD!  The outdoor rink was the venue. The small...tiny curling rink to be precise. A rough and hard fought game. We took the game 3-2. Apparently, size doesn’t matter.

GAME #3: Pelham Panthers (2007/2008) “Not your typical catfight!”

Great green jerseys and some BIG boys. The Jr. Cougars were ready to play.  This game was a breakout game and an excellent display of our Jr. Cougars White coming together. 7-1 for the Jr. Cougars.


GAME #4: Hamburg Hawks (2007/2008) - "They're HUGE!"

If we said Pelham had some BIG boys, these kids were HUGE!  Again, size didn’t matter. The Jr. Cougars had a plan, and a desire to WIN! Cougars were on the scoreboard early.  It was a battle from end to end. OVERTIME! The Jr. Cougars wanted this game. You had to be there to appreciate it… but the shot is off and... COUGARS WIN 3-2!

GAME 5: The Championship - “COUGARS ARE KILLERS!”

Oddly as we prepped for this game, there was something different about our Jr. Cougars.  Something we have never seen before. You could feel it. The air was electrifying!These Jr. Cougars were ready to play! You could see it from the very first puck drop. This was NOT the same Jr. Cougar team that played Stouffville just a few days earlier and lost.  The Stouffville Players and Coaches knew it. Jr. Cougars were dominant from start to finish.  

13 seconds to go, the bench erupts with energy, passion, and emotion, there was absolutely no way we could control this chaos on the bench. Cougars WIN! Cole gets his first recorded rep hockey shutout 5-0. What an experience! Coaches were going nuts, kids were crazy, it was awesome!


In the end, THANK YOU, players, parents, coaches, managers and supporters.  These boys are the real deal and a new team has emerged. This positive momentum could not come at a better time as we move into the start of our “A” season and drive hard for the playoffs.

Coach Pat (and the Jr. Cougars 2008 White Coaches and Team Officials)