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Tournament Add
This form is only to be submitted once you have received confirmation of acceptance from the Tournament Host. Sanction Numbers are required for every submission of this form. Details on how to find the sanction number are located below in the 'Sanction Number' section. Every team must submit a Travel Permit Request for every tournament attending. Travel Permits will be issued by Raiders Hockey Office; within 10 days of receipt and approval of Raiders Hockey Permission Letter.

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Tournament Payment

If you cannot find the Sanction Number please contact the Tournament Organizer.  Below are further instructions for each Hockey Centre along with a Link to their respective tournament websites.

Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Tournaments (Link). Click on “Details” – this will give you all of the detail information required.  At the top of the Details page in the Yellow Header is the REGISTRATION ENTRY # xxxxxxxThat is the Sanction number

Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) Tournaments (Link). The Sanction number will be listed somewhere in the Tournament information page.  It will look similar to A-02-14-15.

Alliance Tournaments (Link). The Sanction number will look similar to Sanction #15-001

Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) Tournaments (Link). The Sanction number will be the 3 digit number at the start of each listing.

USA Hockey Tournaments (Link). You are permitted Sanctioned USA Hockey tournaments only. Please ask the Tournament Contact for the Sanction number if it is not readily available. Before you enter a USA Hockey Tournament, please inquire if it is sanctioned by USA Hockey.  If it is not sanctioned, the staff & players could be suspended by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA).