Gender Diversity Education Acknowledgement (Raiders Hockey Club)


Gender Diversity Education Acknowledgement

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Gender Diversity Education Acknowledgement

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and Alliance Hockey is pleased to announce of a new training module for team officials, players and parents to support and educate on Gender Diversity in hockey in Ontario, Understanding discrimination Based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training. 

There is a video and educational resources that will help educate team officials, players and parents on this important topic. These individuals will not be approved on a team roster unless this acknowledgment form is received by the Jr Raiders Hockey Club. 

" The Ontario Hockey Federation is proud to be at the forefront of trans-inclusive sports", said Tony Foresi, OHF President. 

This process started in 2013, when a complaint to the Human rights Tribunal of Ontario was filed against Hockey Canada alleging discrimination in services based on gender identity. 

Please watch the following video: