General Information, Raiders True Classic Cup, 2022-2023 (Raiders Hockey Club)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Divisions: U8 - U18 B/BB/AE

Sanctioning: #22-016


First application received will be accepted until a minimum of 8 teams per division have been received.  Other applications will be placed on a waiting list.
Rules governing this tournament are laid down by Alliance Hockey, OHF and Hockey Canada.
Tournament Games will start on the morning of Friday, February 3
rd 2023
All Championship Games will be played on Sunday, February 5
th, 2023.
All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games.
An Approved Roster is mandatory for all teams entered along with an Approved Travel permit from your Member Partner.  If you wish to use Affiliated Players, please have them included on the Approved Roster.

All teams must be classified as AE, B or BB for this tournament.

Entry Fee:

          Alliance Teams and OHF Member Partners                        $1200.00 Can
          US Teams                                                                      $1200.00 Can

Payment Details:
          At the time of registering for the Tournament, you will be charged 10% of the
          registration fee ($120.00) online shortly after registration.
 If you choose to send a cheque Please send to:

          Jr Raiders Hockey Club
  1179 Northside Road
  Burlington ON
  L7M 1H5


·         Wave Twin Rinks - 1179 Northside Rd, Burlington ON; L7M 1H5

·         Wave Sports Centre - 5065 Benson Dr, Burlington ON; L7L 5N7


·         Coronation Arena - 81 Macklin St N, Hamilton, ON L8S 3S1

     Chedoke Twin Pad Arena - 91 Chedmac Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 7R5

Warm-Up: On-Ice Warm up will be 3 minutes in length. Teams must be prepared to start their warmup 15 minutes before their scheduled game time (Game can be played 15 minutes earlier than scheduled time)

Game Lengths: 
          U8-U9                                      20-20 minute run time 
U10 - U15                            12-12-12 minute stop time
          U16 - U18                            12-12-15 minute stop time


Time Outs: One 30 second time out is permitted for Playoff games only (this includes overtime)

Run Time: If a team is up by 5 goals at any point in the third period, run time will commence until the deficit is back at 4 goals or less. If a team is ahead by 7 or more goals in the second period, run time will commence until the deficit is back at 5 goals or less. This includes playoff games

Ice Resurfacing: Ice will be flooded at the end of each game. For U16 and U18 divisions there will be a flood at the end of the second period


          2 - Win
          1 - Tie
          0 – Loss

1.      Points in Round Robin Play

2.      Head-to-Head record between teams

3.      Most WINS in Round Robin Play

4.      Goal Differential (+/-)

5.      Goals AGAINST

6.      Penalty Minutes

7.      Coin Toss

Playoff Format:
          4 Teams – 1st Place Finisher plays 4th Place Finisher and 2nd plays 3rd.

          5 Teams – 2nd Place Finisher plays 3rd Place Finisher, 1st Place has bye to Finals

          6 Teams – 1st Place Finisher plays 4th Place Finisher and 2nd plays 3rd.
          8 Teams - 1st Place Finisher in each division will play the 2nd place finisher in the                  other divisions

          10 Teams - 2nd Place Finisher in each division plays 3rd Place Finisher in the other division, both 1st Place has bye to Semi-Finals

          12 Teams - 2nd Place Finisher in each division plays 3rd Place Finisher in the other division, both 1st Place have a bye to Semi-Finals

**In all applicable situations, teams are re-seeded after Quarter Final games**

Overtime: One 5 minute 3 on 3 overtime; followed by a 3-man shootout until a winner is decided (only applies to Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Championship Games) Teams will change ends at the end of the third period and play in the same ends as the 2nd period


Cancellation/ Refund Policy

·         All cancellation requested must be submitted via email.

·         Team cancellations prior to 60 days before tournament- full refund less $50.00 for administration fee

·         Team cancellations less then 60 days prior to tournament- 50% refund

·         Team cancellations 30 days’ notice before tournament- no refund

·         Tournament cancellations due to Public Health restrictions or other unforeseen events will be refunded 100% within 30 days’ notice of cancellation.